2 Stations Broke Minimum Temperature Records


It was definitely cold this past weekend, but not quite record breaking, at the ‘official’ level anyways. The official low temperature for Hennepin County at the MSP Airport was -20° F. To break an official record, we would have had to have a temperature below -24° F How does this compare to other sensors around the Hennepin West Mesonet? The image below shows the minimum temperature from across the region area of the Hennepin West Mesonet.

minimum air temp dec 18

Here is a breakdown of the coldest temperatures for seven Hennepin West Mesonet stations compared to MSP’s -20° F:

  1. Fridley: -19° F
  2. Maple Grove: -22° F
  3. Medina: -23° F
  4. Minnetrista:-25° F
  5. Plymouth: -22° F
  6. Rockford: -25° F
  7. Saint Bonifacius: -26° F

Many of these are now the new record low for that station (simply because the station was installed this summer). However, the Medina station broke the old record of -17° F and Fridley beat the old record of -13° F from Jan 17, 2016.