2016 Feb 2nd Snow Storm


Once the snow rolled in, it didn’t take long to get snow accumulations across Hennepin County yesterday! How much did you receive at your location? Send us a Tweet @HennepinEM or drop us a note on our Facebook Wall! Did you know we take a daily snow depth reading using a snowboard and ruler at our Hennepin West Mesonet location in Medina? This morning’s reading showed that we had 9 inches of snowfall from yesterday at 7 AM until 7:30 AM this morning! Here are some other reports from across Hennepin County:

  • 13 inches in Minneapolis
  • 11 inches in Long Lake
  • 11 inches St. Louis Park
  • 6 inches in Edina
  • 10 inches in Richfield
  • 5 inches in Rogers