Delano Mesonet Addition


On Monday, August 28th, 2023, Hennepin County Emergency Management staff joined forces to assist in the installation of the Delano site, located behind Delano High School. This is the 26th station in the Hennepin West Mesonet network.

Photo of the inside of an enclosed trailer, packed with equipment for Delano mesonet.

The image above can be considered a "Mesonet Station Watch", with the ingredients for a mesonet station to be set up, but not currently having a fully put together mesonet station.

Photo of Delano mesonet station.

This image can be considered a "Mesonet Station Warning", with all the ingredients coming together to create a mesonet site.


With all jokes aside, it is important to have mesonet sites in these communities. Mesonet sites can give "ground truth" or confirmation of wind/rain amounts in a given area. They also give a glimpse of what is occurring in a storm as the system moves into the metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St. Paul and can give forecasters and local emergency personal warning of incoming conditions. Our sites are not only used for rain and wind events. The sties also collect data on temperature, humidity, soil temperature and moisture, and pressure.

The Delano site will be online within the network in the next few weeks.