First Snowfall of Fall 2018


Were you ready for snow yesterday? I was not. It was a beautiful sight in the morning, but makes you realize that winter is just around the corner. Minimum air temperatures were in the 30s yesterday, but worked their way into the 40s by the afternoon, to melt away those sparkly white flakes. A month ago today, Hennepin County was in a Heat Advisory and some of our stations recorded temperatures in the low 90s. If only we could have half of that warmth this month, we would be closer to our normal low temperature for the day. Our normal low temperature for this time of year, is about 40°F, while our high temperature would typically hit 59°F. Hopefully the warm up at the end of this week, will make up for some of the cold we've been experiencing.

October 14, 2018 minimum temperature map, showing temperatures in the low 30s.