Flash Drought by mid-June


As felt the last two years, Hennepin County has fallen into another cycle of flash drought. A flash drought is distinguished by a sudden or rapid increase in severity of drought conditions in an area. May 15th - June 14th, 2023, had observed the lowest amount of precipitation in that timeframe since the records started in 1871. We had 0.26 inches of rain in those 31 days, which the previous record was 0.62 inches set in 1988.


The graphic shows the average amount of precipitation observed at the MSP airport station over the last 30 years vs. the observed amount of precipitation in 2023. As seen, 2023 began with abnormally high precipitation totals, with a sudden plateau in May, continuing into June. As of June 15th, 2023, Hennepin County is below average in precipitation and is experiencing D1 (moderate drought) conditions per the U.S. Drought Monitor. With potential for rain this weekend, there is a chance for relief in the forecast.

Graph showing average precipitation compared to MSP Airport's precipitation through the middle of June 2023.