Hennepin West Mesonet Extremes of 2022


During the year of 2022, we observed low rainfall totals across Hennepin County, with the lowest total in Rockford, with a total of 12.04 inches from January to September. The average total rainfall for Hennepin County is roughly 24 inches by September, resulting to about half the average being reported. Rockford also recorded our highest dew point, reaching a stifling 80.4 °F on August 2nd and our greatest 24-hour rainfall, with 2.82 inches being recorded on May 11th. Hopkins also saw the highest wind gust of 64 mph on May 11th associated with the line of thunderstorms that produced a tornado to the northwest of the county. Minneapolis saw the highest temperature at 100.8 °F on June 20th, while Minnetrista saw our lowest temperature of -28.0° F on January 7th, which is a 128.8 °F change seen across the county over about 6 months. Eden Prairie saw the lowest wind chill of -42.7 °F on December 23rd while Blaine saw our greatest 1-hour temperature change of 23.5 °F on May 30th. This was during the Memorial Day mesoscale convective system that produced six tornadoes in the state, as well as extensive severe wind and hail reports.

The image shows a map of Hennepin County with dots representing each of the mesonets in 2022. The title of the image reads, "Hennepin West Mesonet Extremes of 2022." There are numerous data points on the image depicting things like the highest air temperature, coldest air temperature, most rainfall in 24 hours, and more.