Coldest End of the Year in 132 Years


2017 ended with a week of cold temperatures. The daily average temperature of the mesonet stations were below zero most days between December 25th and the 31st. The average temperature of the mesonet stations during the last week of 2017 was -3.9°F. According to the Minnesota DNR, the last time the Twin Cities had a seven-day average temperature lower than -3.9°F, was in 1886 with an average temperature of -4.7°F. Greenfield and Hanover stations broke this 132-year-old record.

High Temperatures on December 26, 2017

high temps dec 26 2017


Wind Chills on December 26, 2017

average daily temp for each station


Average daily average temperature for each station
Mesonet Station Average Temperature (°F) between Dec. 25-31
Fridley -3.1
Greenfield -5.0
Hanover -4.9
Maple Grove -4.1
Minnetrista -3.8
Orono -3.0
Rockford -4.3
St. Bonifacius -3.3