February Warm-Up


Is Punxatawney Phil, the groundhog, right about six more weeks of winter? So far, it feels like spring is already here. This month has warmed up quite a bit, and forecasts for this weekend make it look like the warming isn’t done yet. Since the beginning of February, the Mesonet stations have seen an average high temperature of 48.67°F. This is above average for the Twin Cities area, which typically has a high temperature average of 29°F in February according to U.S. Climate Data. However, temperatures this weekend are predicted to reach into the 50’s. Below are the average temperatures and highest high temperature for all seven Mesonet stations this month.

Station Average Temperature (°F) Highest High Temperature (°F)
Hanover 22.86 49.40
Maple Grove 23.37 48.20
Medina 23.68 47.70
Minnetrista 23.84 49.30
Plymouth 23.81 47.30
Rockford 23.32 48.80
St. Bonifacius 23.76 50.00


Source: Hennepin West Mesonet Climatological Reports as of noon on February 15, 2017.