Happy First Day of Meteorological Fall!


Today may be the first day of meteorological fall, but the temperatures sure tell us otherwise. All week we look to be in the Mid-80s! Don’t worry, next week we look to be more towards normal for this time of year.

temperatures september 1, 2015

Did you know?

In 1926, Minneapolis saw what is perhaps the most intense brief thunderstorm every in downtown? 1.02 inches of rain fell in just SIX minutes (Minneapolis Weather Bureau). The winds associated with this thunderstorm were 42 mph, and caused visibility to be reduced to just a few feet at times and stopped all streetcar and automobile traffic. At second and sixth street in downtown, Minneapolis rushing water tore a manhole cover off and a geyser of water spouted 20 feet into the air. Hundreds of wooden paving blocks were uprooted and floated onto neighboring lawns much to the delight of barefooted children seen scampering among the blocks after the rain ended. Source: Minnesota  State Climatology Office