Muggy Wet Past Week


In the last week, Hennepin County has received a lot of rain. In fact so much rain, that part of the southeastern Hennepin County is in a Flood Warning this afternoon, due to the Minnesota River rising close to flood stage level as of Wednesday morning. The station with the highest accumulated precipitation in the past week, was Hanover with 3.62 inches, 2.55 inches of that being from the weekend alone.

This past weekend, we saw rain and had some pretty muggy temperatures stick around. Thanks to the storm system that moved through Sunday evening, temperatures cooled off for the start of this week.


7-day Rainfall Accumulation ending June 20, 2018

7-day rainfall accumulation ending June 20, 2018


3-day Rainfall Accumulation ending June 18, 2018

3-day rainfall accumulation ending June 18, 2018