New Website Design Tips


Read on below to find out some tips to get you what you are looking for.

  1. Current Conditions: See the box in the upper left hand corner that says HCEM Medina Mesonet? Click the arrow to the right to change to the station you wish to see current conditions from.
  2. Specific Site Information and Historical Data: Click on ‘View Site Information’ in the current conditions box to take you to that specific stations: historical tables, graph, PDF climate report, current watches, warnings or advisories, site extremes, and 5-day forecast pulled directly from the National Weather Service.
  3. Weather Maps: Looking for different parameters than what is shown on the home page? Click the ‘Weather’ tab from the toolbar. Now you have options. First, choose how many maps you wish to view at one time from the select a layout. Then choose the area (step 2) and pick the map for that area. There is also an option to have maps cycle. That means, if you choose Layout A (the top choice), and then select two maps for that layout, you can have them cycle through at an interval of your choice. Don’t forget to choose one of the three zoom options and any GIS layers you which to see!
  4. Forecast: Click the forecast tab to get a quick look at the National Weather Service Weather Story, Severe Weather Potential, Drought Outlooks, and MN Fire Danger Ratings.

There are many more new items with many more new pages and data to come, so click around and enjoy! Below is one of our new maps under the ‘Weather’ tab.

june 5 maximum air temps