Second Warmest November on Record


Did you notice November wasn’t that cold? We sure did! According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Chanhassen, the Twin Cities had an average temperature of 44.1°F for the month, which is 10.4°F above normal. Since it was so warm, we saw less snow than normal as well. MSP Airport only received 2.3” of snow in November, 7.0” less than normal. The snow we did see melted rapidly due to the above-average temperatures.

Let’s compare the NWS data to the seven Hennepin West Mesonet Stations and their average temperature readings for November:

  1. Hanover  42.4°F
  2. Maple Grove  42.3°F
  3. Medina  44.8°F (3.39°F warmer than last November)
  4. Minnetrista  42.4°F
  5. Plymouth  43.1°F
  6. Rockford  42.6°F
  7. Bonifacius  42.4°F

The only Mesonet station installed last November was the Medina location. Although it was above normal, it wasn’t quite as high above average as the MSP Airport. However, all the stations were reporting temperatures in the low to mid-forties, similar to MSP.

november 2016 climate summary